Bachelors of the Big Cheese

We found out what’s on offer for our uni’s single ladies

Take a look at our selection of eligible bachelors…

Conor, The Graduate Bachelor

What does Conor look for in a girl?

“An endless smile.”

If you look like the joker perhaps you’ll be able to bag this boy that can’t seem to tear himself away from Prow since graduating


Richard AKA Dicky, The Shit Shirt Bachelor

What does Dicky look for in a girl?

“75% of it is looks, but I mean also got to have a good sense of humour. My type is funny and blonde.”

That shirt might be hurting his chances with the ladies

Calum, The Fresher

What does this first year look for in a girl?

“I need two things. Beauty and a good sense of humour.”

Typical fresher, loves a bit of facepaint and a VK

Callum, The Rugby Lad Bachelor

What does Callum look for in a lady?

“Just good company.”

This guy ain’t picky

Jake and Ralph, The Double Act

After much discussion, Jake and Ralph decided what they collectively look for in a girl is “for her to be hot I guess.”

Watch out ladies

 Any of these bachelors taken your fancy? No doubt you’ll see them at Prow next week, and the week after, looking for the girls of their dreams.