EUSSC ski trip tickets sell out in two minutes

It’s just an excuse to get naked

The famed Christmas ski trip sold their 700 tickets in just two minutes and ten seconds this year.

It smashed last year’s record of 18 minutes.

Promising a week of “skiing, snowboarding, freestyling, racing, partying, pillaging and general debauchery” it’s surely set to be better than ever.

Not to be put off by the outrageously long coach journey, with hundreds of members of Edinburgh’s poshest heading to Tignes, it’s bound to get riot club messy.

A pool party, rave on a glacier and red bull party are just some of the extra activities that the trip offers, it’s no wonder these guys are getting a little over-enthusiastic.

"skiing" yeah right....

“skiing” yeah right….

If you haven’t managed to book a place then don’t panic, the club promises to try and find space for as many people as they can that are now on the waiting list.

If you’re not hyped yet, here’s the official video to get you excited.