This 12-year-old is better at your degree than you

And she has better hair

While you were off “finding yourself” in South America over the summer, a twelve year old girl came top of the world in an online Edinburgh University music course.

Charlotte Pullan from Loughborough achieved an astounding final mark of 98.8%, beating 91,000 other students.

Take that suckers

If that wasn’t enough, her mother Penny, who has a doctorate from Cambridge University, also took the course and received a mark 10% lower than her daughter.

Penny described herself as “stunned” by the result as Charlotte did not spend as much time on the course as she did. Better luck next time Penny.

Studying music theory? Don’t feel too depressed. Charlotte had never done it before and achieved these grades in one summer but her aspirations are much higher, she really wants to do Veterinary Science when she leaves school.

By that time you might have found a job or done three post-grads.