Be your own Valentine

Single on Valentine’s Day? Yes please!

This holiday of love seems to be solely devoted to those in a relationship. However, it needs to be realised that Valentine’s Day, and all the traditions that come with it, are a single’s dream.


To start off the long list of perks, the chocolate isle at your local groceries store will have doubled. Take this opportunity to buy it all and try the different truffles yourself. Be sure to enjoy the days following this holiday as well because all the sweets will be on offer.

Sainsbury's are prepared for you.

Sainsbury’s are prepared for you.


The 14th will also provide you with the ultimate opportunity to order large quantities of takeout without being judged by the delivery man. For all he knows, you’re sharing it with your significant other who is waiting in the kitchen.

Don't worry, someone is having a worse day than you are.

Don’t worry, someone is having a worse day than you are.

Snuggling on the sofa:

Now that you’ve spent the entire day stuffing your face, you’re probably experiencing elevated levels of self-loathing. This feeling should quickly fade when you remind yourself that no one is going to see your naked body anytime soon. For this very reason, you can continue munching in your loose fitted t-shirt and sweats while watching all of the wonderful marathons that tend to air on this day.

That pretty much sums it up. Valentine’s Day isn’t the day to wallow in self-pity and wonder why you are alone. Instead, it is the day to enjoy food in masses at low prices while catching up on all of those Netflix series that you probably would be watching anyway. And don’t forget, if you’re up for it, pubs and clubs will be filled with easy conquests all night long.