Easter Egg Hunt

Chocolate. Need we say more?

Lent will finally be over on Sunday so why not indulge yourselves with the chocolate easter eggs The Tab has hidden in the library? Unscramble and crack (just a taster of the glorious egg puns to come) the clues and take a break from your usual library routine. Main Library. Monday. Be there – or you’re not getting any chocolate.

Mmm, chocolate…

1. We personally think chocolate eggs are worth more… But these are Fab too.

2. Great Eggspectations, David Copperfried, Hard Boiled Times, Please Sir, I want some more!

3 Unscramble me – Wolf Froth Fanfare Tuition

4. Unscramble me – A Crumby Secret Poser

5. Go to the library cafe and ask if the chicken they use in their panins is free range, and if so what colour are they because you only eat chickens with russet feathers.

6. Go to the help desk and ask if your chicken has been handed in, because it ran away from your desk an hour ago and you want some scrambled egg for your dinner.

7. No, I want the whole egg, John Brennan you dick.

8. Eggsellent view of girls wearing lots of makeup sitting overlooking george square.

9. Eggsellent view of the non-revision laden people eggsercising in the Meadows.

10. Eggsellent view of the quick use computers.

Good Luck and we hope this will make your day eggseptional! (Puns are addictive).

P.S. Don’t be greedy, one per person please. If planning to eat in the lib, Ground Floor only.