Part Two of introducing the Fight Night fighters, and wow do they look fierce

If you thought the first lot were good, wait until you see these fighters

You’ve met the first round of fighters, but are you ready for the final line-up? Brace yourself, because they’re equally fiery.

As you’ll know by now, Fight Night is on Saturday and organised by Wilder Events, and if you weren’t lucky enough to secure a ticket, you can watch along online here.

It’s been running since 2021 and this time Fight Night’s charitable causes are Blokes and Solidaritee, which both have deep connections to Durham.

Blokes is a mental health not-for-profit charity that supports men in a safe and non-judgemental way to open up about their mental health, connect with others and tell a #MaleTale. What could be more relevant during November?

Durham students will also be very familiar with Solidaritee, which is led by students in a stand against injustices faced by refugees, and supports NGOs working directly with those affected by forced displacement. Solidaritee is instantly recognisable by their uniquely designed t-shirts, which are arguably the best and most important fashion statement in Durham.

This year, Fight Night is sponsored by The Wild Card – Durham’s only student discount card. The Wild Card offers you hundreds of discounts all over the city, in bars, restaurants, shops and even hotels – perfect for when parents come to stay, or when you want to do a Lydia Millen.

Our favourite offers from The Wild Card include 10 per cent off drinks at The Three Bridges, 50 per cent off Pizza Punks on a Tuesday, some cracking deals at Rev’s (£3 pints, half price cocktails and 40 per cent off food anyone?), free hair cuts, 10 per cent off at Timpson and Johnson’s Dry Cleaners, plus free entry to Dance Mondays at Loft. What’s not to love?

If you love saving money, the Wild Card is a no-brainer and with the code ‘tabdurham’ you get an exclusive 25 per cent off the Wild Card. We can exclusively say this is the best deal in Durham, and you’ll even get priority bus boarding and free drinks at Fight Night with a Wild Card. £15 well spent if you ask me.

We know what you’re really here for though, so it’s our pleasure to introduce the second half of Round Four’s fighters.

Salome ‘De Badass’ Carey

Representing: DU Fitness Society

Opponent: Brittney ‘Slay Them’ Slavin


Arjun ‘The Sikh Freak’ Johal 

Representing: Himself

Opponent: Jack ‘One Beer’ Kinnear



Maddie ‘The Baddie’ Clark

Representing: Collingwood Mixed Lacrosse

Opponent: Lola ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Babalola

Theodor ‘Berserker’ Groes

Representing: HCRFC

Opponent: ‘The Beast from the Middle East’ Amir Rehman


Mollie ‘Bish Bash’ Baars

Representing: DU Hockey

Opponent: Rebecca ‘The Untameable’ Todd


Christian ‘The Shed’ Garry

Representing: GCRFC

Opponent: Seb ‘The Supreme’ Allison


Lara ‘The Bulldog’ Bennett

Representing; DU Netball

Opponent: Jasmine ‘Blackout’ Brankin


Angus ‘Assassin’ Guy

Representing: DU Cricket

Opponent: Kieran ‘Braut’ Bailey


Lucy ‘The Arrow’ Harrow

Representing: HCBC

Opponent: Issy ‘Divine’ Devine


Rufus ‘The Dart’ Hart

Representing: DU Hockey

Opponent: Will ‘The Jackhammer’ Jack


Yasmin Gradwick-Light

Representing: DU Hockey

Opponent: Clem ‘Blackout’ Black


‘Stone Cold’ James Austin

Representing: CCAFC

Opponent: Harry ‘Grizzly Bear’ Gordon


Liu Sia ‘In Hell’ Jyoti

Representing: Herself

Opponent: Em ‘The Executioner’ Liu


Sheldon ‘The Sherminator’ Fivaz

Representing: DURFC

Opponent: Fin ‘The Finisher’ Douglas

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