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Politics exams will all be online this year after The Tab finds 77% of Durham students prefer them

Hurrah for online exams

It has just been confirmed that all unseen School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA) exams will be held again online this year.

This news comes after the English Department announced the high likelihood that English exams will be online again this year.

The exams will follow the same format as last year, where they will be available to access 24 hours before the submission date.

Full academic references and a bibliography are not required for these exams, but quotations and copied passages must be fully referenced. Doing this from memory, as in regular exams, is encouraged by the department. The exams will also have a strict overall word limit.

For Freshers who have not sat online exams before, the department has said: “The sites are easy to use and instructions are clear. An answer booklet (Word template) will be provided on each site to add your answers to be submitted (once completed) via a Turnitin submission point on the site.

“All SGIA students have experience of on-line submissions through summative assessment across all modules.”

Whilst this last statement is not yet true, as no summative work has been submitted yet by Freshers with it being only the third week of term, it will be accurate by the time exams come around after the Epiphany summative season. So if this seems daunting, fear not Freshers.

A poll by The Tab Durham of 295 students found that 77% of Durham students would rather sit their exams online, so this should be good news for a large number of people sitting exams this year.

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