All of the basic halloween costumes you will see in Durham this weekend

You swore you would put more effort in to a post-lockdown Halloween but that last-minute devil costume is looking like your best option

With one day down of hallo-weekend and two left to go, it would be wrong not to try and predict what the whole city of Durham will be wearing. Whether you’re using a sharpie to write “I forgot my costume” on an old white T-shirt, or you’ve had your outfit planned for months, it’s inevitable someone will be dressed the same way. And with TikTok suggesting the same Halloween costumes to us all, don’t be surprised if you turn up to a house party in the Viaduct to find six other people dressed in the same last-minute Amazon panic buy.

Any character from Squid Game

The characters from Netflix’s latest hit show are sure to be Durham favourites this year. Namely, the guards clad in red uniforms for the extra scare-factor, we predict the queues for clubs in town will be a sea of red jumpsuits. Although, when thinking of dressing as a Squid Game player, it is easy to see the appeal of wearing your favourite tracksuit on a night out and calling it a costume.

An angel or a devil

You’ve fallen victim to this costume before and know you will end up wearing it again. A fresher favourite primarily consisting of a dress you already own and ordering a pair of wings or horns from Amazon on next day delivery. Although this year, there are bonus points for upgrading these classics to a cupid costume – TikTok’s latest Halloween trend.

Playboy bunnies and Hugh Hefner

In true Halloween fashion, living up to our favourite Mean Girls quote. “Halloween is the one night a year where girls can dress like a total s***, and no other girls can say anything about it”. And why not be proud and confident in your body. This year we would love to see more women taking on the role of Hugh Hefner – “Ok, imma fight these gender norms”.

A skeleton

We all know the type, black jeans and a black T-shirt with face paint they made their flatmates spend hours on. Said face paint undoubtedly ends up smeared on the face of another fresher after a quick Players club kiss.

A DC Comics character

We’re thinking Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Batman. At least with these costumes, we can see both the pop-culture references and the scare factor. You certainly wouldn’t like to be locked in a room with the Joker, after all.

Literally any animal

Cost-effective and easy, although far too often, are we all dressing up as cats and other cute, domesticated animals. If you want everyone to really scream when they see you, why not try going as a spider this year? You can bet your Signet Ring on seeing at least a cat and a leopard this weekend.

Joe from You

With season three of Netflix’s You being fresh in our minds, it is almost certain we will be seeing this one around. Possibly the creepiest costume on this list, get your baseball caps and inconspicuous clothes at the ready. This one ticks all of the basic boxes, current in pop culture, low-cost and easily repeated.

From all of us at The Tab Durham, happy Halloween! Have fun, stay safe and don’t forget to send us your best costume pictures for the chance to be featured in our next article.