Durham Uni offers up to £1,500 bursary for students who defer until 2021

The bursaries will come in the form of accommodation discounts

Durham University has announced that it will offer bursaries of up to £1500 to students who agree to defer their place at the university until 2021.

The ‘Transition Support’ scheme had been announced last week, but the terms of the offer had until now been unclear.

Today it was revealed that the bursary will come in the form of a discount on accommodation costs, with a tiered system dependant on household income determining the discount that students will receive.

Students with family incomes below £25,000 will receive the full discount of £1500, whilst those with incomes between £25,000 and £42,500 will have £1000 deducted from their accommodation charge, and incomes above £42,500 will be offered the minimum bursary of £500. The students who agree to defer until 2021 will also be guaranteed a place at their “original first choice” college. Students who decide to start their course in 2020 will be given full membership to a college, but not necessarily the college they had applied for, and may instead have University accommodation outside of that traditionally offered by the college.

This news comes after the University agreed to honour all previous offers to students whose A Level results have met the terms of their offer.

All students will need to confirm their place at the University by 31st August, regardless of whether they matriculate in 2020 or 2021.