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The best places to cry in Durham

Cry Me a River

It’s summative season which means times are tough: Duz life is taking it’s toll. What do you do when you just want to let it all out? Lucky for you, The Tab have compiled their favourite places in Durham to cry for when it all gets a bit too much.

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1) The Billy B

At number one, it’s obviously the Billy B. If you want a quick weep out of public sight, hit up the toilets on level one: private, spacious and kitted out with four loo-roll dispensers. Alternatively, the dark aisles of the archives offer a secluded space.

2) Any Lecture Theatre

Feel the tears coming on in a lecture? No sweat, this is the perfect place. Realistically who’s going to see when everyone is laser focused on the lecturer. Especially if its the Fonteyn Ballroom in the union. (For real though where are the lights?)

3) Klute Toilets

If you’re feeling like your night out will end in drunk tears, head for Klute. Their bathroom floors are already so wet you’ll blend right in when the waterworks begin.

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4) Under a Bridge

Combine some scenic Durham walking with blubbering by the river. Head under Framwell Gate Bridge towards Church street and wail in relative peace (disturbed only by the rowers. Doesn't count)

5) The Shower


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I'm not crying, you are

6) The Botanic Gardens

An underrated and relatively unknown spot: the Botanic Gardens.The gardens offer everything from woods to wild flower meadows and if all else fails, pass it off as hay fever.

7) Gilesgate.

No one relevant will see you. Ever.