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Durham University will spend £35,000 on police officers to protect students

It’s to help ensure student safety in the city

Durham University has been paying the salary of a police officer in order to ensure adequate patrols in the city amidst cuts to policing.

An investigation by The Times has revealed through freedom of information requests that Durham is one of 27 universities which are contributing to local constabulary budgets in order to make sure that campuses are as safe as possible for students.

With widespread national cuts to policing and force sizes shrinking, many universities are contributing to the employment of more police officers to keep their campuses safe and combat issues such as drug dealing and theft.

Last year Durham Constabulary was the only force in the country to be rated "outstanding" by inspectors. However, the number of officers in the constabulary has fallen by 24 per cent in recent years. With considerable expansion due over the coming years and it holding a key presence in the local community it appears the university feels a responsibility to contribute and partially combat the shortfall to help keep the local area safe.

Owen Adams, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, said “Our commitment to match-fund a term-time police presence at Durham is part of our wider commitment to being a responsible neighbour and partner in our City.”

Durham University is putting forward £35,000 for each of the coming three years to employ an officer to help ensure there are enough patrols in the city.