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Nominate Durham’s most tragically terrible sports team

The glue that binds college sport together

The sports season is in full swing and the worst are starting to stand out from the slightly less bad. The Durham Tab is looking for Durham’s worst sport team.

The college sport system is one of the best things about the uni. Playing sport with your mates is one of the simplest of pleasures and no matter the standard you’ll find a place. For every A team there are countless Bs, Es, Gs – even an N team – which occupy the depths of the divisions.

It’s these terrible teams which are the glue that binds the college sport scene together. Thousands slog down to MC every weekend battling it out in appalling physical conditions to see who can defend the least effectively. Some celebrate the Floodlit Cup and the so-called ‘Premierships’ but nobody really cares. The real people are the grafters below propping up the pyramid.

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Messi couldn’t do it hungover on a cold Sunday morning

It’s time to shine a light on the true sporting heroes of our fine city. The teams who celebrate a shot on target like victory. The teams that simply never win. The teams with that turn up hungover and decrepit at 9am on a Saturday morning with Dixy’s still churning in their stomachs to get thumped by a team who is a player short. You my friends are the real warriors and finally deserve to win something.

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12 hours later this athlete (pictured right) completed a full 45. Trooper.

Squash, badminton, netball, pool. Whatever sport it is we want nominations for the worst teams in Durham. With your nominations the people will then crown Durham’s Most Tragic Sports Team

It’s about time your dedication, mistimed tackles and overwhelming lack of fitness were recognised.