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No pitchers, drinking games, or socials: Mildert College bar has reopened with strict new rules

You might want to avoid this one on your next bar crawl


After a short closure, Van Mildert’s college bar at Durham Uni has reopened with new rules, as the result of a police investigation.

In an email sent to all college residents, students were informed of a ban on all drinking games, or "anything that encourages people to consume alcohol at a rapid rate or puts pressure on people to drink". The bar will also no longer be serving pitchers in a bid to reduce excessive intoxication on college premises.

All club and society socials are banned in the bar until further notice and students who are not from Van Mildert college will now be turned away until the end of term, meaning the bar will be "Mildert Only". Students will have to show their campus cards when ordering drinks to prove this.

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In other boring measures, wine will only be served by the glass, apart from at formal dinners. The bar will keep "a Refusal Register" of those who have been barred and maintains its right to kick out "anyone who is visibly drunk".

The email sent says that any violation of its new rules "could result in the Bar License being reviewed and changed: for example reducing the opening hours or permitted areas; the license being revoked or suspended and large fines of up to £20,000". It also comes with a warning that "initiations or hazing will be considered misconduct".

Students from other colleges are banned as well. The email says: "Van Mildert College Bar will only be available for use by Van Mildert College students i.e. ‘Mildert Only’ until the end of this term".