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We reviewed Bar 33: Where you can get a cocktail with actual soy sauce in it

I can confirm I tried every drink

As someone who has spent the last three years in one of the UK's most romantic cities single, I decided to test out a hot spot date location, for you, reader.

Bar 33 situated just off North Road is a secret bar but obviously no longer that secret.

As you walk in you are blessed with dark ambient lighting, leather booths and soft jazz playing. So yes if you're looking for someone to keep you warm over the winter months this is definitely a spot to get cosy in.

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The menu is a little machine maintenance manual. Each drink is themed, inventive, and offers twists on classic cocktails. As an honest reviewer, don't drink the "Bob Soy", it's literally whisky and soy sauce.

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So yes if you want to 'suffer the consequences' this is a good choice

Minus Bob Soy, as far as drinks go I haven't experienced as much variety anywhere else in Durham. From fruity to almost perfumed, to sour and sweet there is something for everyone.

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See! How cute you can put it on your insta

My personal favourites had to include the Florida Keys cocktail (£9) which included Limoncello, butterscotch milk and cream. It was tasteful, quickly made and really just hit the spot. I'd have to recommend the Windsor Funnel (£9.50) there was a mix of Bourbon, lemon and sugar, it was sweet as can be.

It's a great, affordable stop off before you go out, but it's also a relaxed environment where you can sit, discuss, and take in that alcohol slowly but surely.

A nice change from the standard Durham night scene, and well, if you want to get "Boy Soy'ed" it is a must to visit.

The Tab Durham's Bar rating:

Drinks: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Venue: 10/10