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College accommodation fees set to increase by over £200 a year

Blame the Retail Price Index

The University Executive Committee today announced that all Durham University accommodation fees will increase by 3.38 per cent, "in line with the Retail Price Index".

In an email sent to students by the Vice Chancellor, prices are cited to rise from between £200 and £300, depending on the previous price of the room. A standard non catered room will rise from £5,195 to £5,370.

Other increases include £7,422 to £7,672 for a single catered room and £7,883 to £8,149 for an ensuite catered room. In non catered rooms, the price of an ensuite will now set students back £5,846 where it was £5,655 previously.

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The email sent today

The announcement arrives in the wake of protests calling for a freeze in student housing costs and demanding that the Consumer Price Index be used instead of the Retail Price Index.

The Ripped Off campaign will be protesting in Library Square on the 18th of October between 11am and 3pm.