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The Tab Durham: why you should write for us

Why you should join the world’s biggest student publication

The Tab Durham takes pride in doing real journalism. We don’t want people sitting in their rooms behind a keyboard, we make you go out into the city you live in. We interact with students and find out what’s important to them.

Unlike any other publication in Durham, our writers regularly get their articles picked up by national newspapers including The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Independent.

Last November, The Tab Durham was the most read student publication in the world. This was done exclusively through the writing of Durham students.

Writers for The Tab have broken stories featured in The New York Times, BuzzFeed, VICE, The Washington Post and The Guardian, and now work in sought-after jobs in the media. You can get started by signing up on The Tab Durham facebook page.

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Last year’s editor, Joe Banfield, received work experience at a national newspaper during his time with The Tab.

We’re the only platform left for genuine debate at university, representing multiple viewpoints on campus.

Flo Perry, Editor at Buzzfeed, former columnist at The Tab Durham

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“The Tab is a unique platform for students to get their voice heard. There is no other organisation offering such creative freedom with such a big audience. It was the most fun thing I did at uni, and I wouldn’t have the job I have now without it.”

Charlie Gardiner-Hill, COO of The Tab, former Durham Editor of The Tab

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“The Tab gave me the chance to change the face of student journalism in Durham. They encouraged and allowed me to be entrepreneurial, hand-pick an incredible team (nearly all of whom have gone on to be professional journalists) and commission original journalism that students actually loved reading.

“HQ found the perfect balance between being supportive, and never encroaching upon my editorial independence – a rare experience. For fun, intensity and career opportunities – no other university experience even comes close.”

Charles White, Trainee Reporter at MailOnline, former Durham Editor of The Tab

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“I joined the Tab in my first year and was immediately invited to a day with the Telegraph. The next year I was able to work on breaking news stories such as the tragic events surrounding the river. When I was co-editor I was given work experience at the Sunday Times twice. Over my time, I published over 100 stories which were seen by almost two million people.

“Being involved with the Tab let me write for other publications, and my stories were picked up by regional and national papers. Getting a place on the MailOnline trainee scheme straight after university is testament to the high regard the Tab is held.”

Charlie Capel, Assistant Editor at The Tab NY, former Durham Editor of The Tab

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“Writing for The Tab gave me a headstart in my journalism career. I broke stories that people cared about, and set the campus conversation agenda. Articles I wrote were pick up by The Guardian, The Mirror, The Telegraph, and one was even mentioned by Jeremy Corbyn in Parliament.

“As a team we had a lot of fun, and because we were enjoying what we were doing, people enjoyed reading us. Our meetings at points were more pub nights with friends, than important editorial decisions, but by the end of my degree I left feeling like I contributed something valuable to campus life. The Tab taught me how to be a journalist, which meant that by the time I graduated I was turning down jobs even though I didn’t have a journalism qualification.”

As well as accepting any new writers, we are also looking for a Fashion Editor this term. They will report on all the university and college fashion shows, as well as produce further fashion based articles.

Interested? Come down to the Library Bar, Saddler Street between 7 and 10pm on Friday 5th October for the first Tab Durham meeting of term!