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Coming to a theatre near you…

It's a matter of days before Benny, Mack, Timp and Cam have to move out of their student flat. The boys find mess piling up around them as they step out into an unwelcoming world. They start to wonder if there's any point in getting older. Before that though, there's going to be one hell of a party.

It's hot. There'll be girls. Predict a riot.

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Simultaneously funny, tragic and extremely real, the play offers a genuine and painful view of the challenges faced by those who refuse to grow up.

Following a successful run in Durham, Lion Theatre Company and Fourth Wall Theatre are taking their production of ‘Boys’ by Ella Hickson on a UK tour…

'Hilarious and devastating' – The Bubble ★★★★★

'A stunning faithfulness to reality' – Palatinate Review ★★★★

“If you are a student, particularly the type more likely to spend an evening watching Fresh Meat than heading to the theatre, make an exception and see this show- you will not regret it” – DST First Night ★★★★★


Name: Angharad Phillips

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Character: Sophie

Who’s the biggest BOY: Cat Logan. She tried to use scotch as lube

Favourite line in the play: A piece of biscuit, what's that then?

What makes a good party: Booze, babes & bin bags

Why should people come and see the play: ‘Vyzee’ by SOPHIE

Name: Tristan Robinson

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Character: Timp

Who’s the biggest BOY: God (technically)

Favourite line in the play: Help if I knew them. TBC.

What makes a good party: Bier d’ors, Next question.

Name: Ed Chapman

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Character: Mack

Who’s the biggest BOY: Hetty Hodgson, for coordinating and directing an awesome play, whilst also being a joy to work with.

Favourite line in the play: What would you do if the look in some old guy's face told you that being young was as good as it ever gets?

What makes a good party: A cracking playlist filled with slappers and bangers.

Why should people come and see the play: For shits and gigs.

Name: Hamish Lloyd Barnes

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Character: Cam

Who’s the biggest boy: Tristan. He’s massive.

Favourite line: “Most important concert of my life and I’m going to smell like a fucking yoghurt”

What makes a good party: Stable leadership and a strong manifesto.

Why should people come: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even think a bit.

Name: John Broadhead

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Character: Benny

Who’s the biggest BOY: Ed Chapman/Zuckerberg, for reasons I can’t divulge due to an NDA

Favourite line in the play: Funky Fucking Shitting Chicken

What makes a good party: Beers and wines at Hetty’s

Why should people come and see the play: The soundtrack which variously bangs/slaps

Name: Gayaneh Vlieghe

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Character: Laura

Who’s the biggest BOY: Hefty Hetty – her single-handed movement of furniture never ceases to amaze

Favourite line in the play: Buggery Wank Fuck

What makes a good party: Disney tunes

Why should people come and see the play: Sushi.


OUNDLE – The Stahl Theatre- 19th September

BEDFORD – The Quarry Theatre- 20th September

BIRMINGHAM – The Crescent Theatre -22nd September

LONDON – The Courtyard Theatre – 27th, 28th and 29th September