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Durham Champagne society’s summer ball will not go ahead this year

The 2016 ball was described by The Telegraph as a ‘drunken, drug-fuelled orgy’

Durham most notorious drinking society has announced that its infamous summer ball will not go ahead this year.

Questions had been raised over plans for the ball after the society was suspended last year.

In past years the event has attracted national attention for its exuberant, narcotic-fuelled recklessness, even appearing in Tatler.

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In a post on Facebook, the exec wrote: "Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to follow this goal in the format of a Summer Ball this year. Fundamentally, this difficult decision has been made in light of running the best possible valued event."

One first-year St. Aidan's student, who attended the Champagne Society's winter ball, told The Tab Durham: "I feel let down. The one thing getting me through exams has been brutally stripped away.

"Words fail to do justice to the immense sadness knowing that I will not once more get to enjoy the phenomenal jubilee that is the Champagne ball."

The full text of the society's announcement is displayed below:

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Durham Champagne Society and Durham Students Union have been contacted for comment.

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