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Durham Uni decides to record all lectures and post them online

It’s been a long time coming, say students

Jesus walked on water and we thought that was pretty miraculous, but heaven behold, Durham has decided to finally invest in Lecture Capture technology. Those 9ams are being recorded. By October 2018 your Professors will be reaching your laptop screens.

Lectures will be recorded using the technology Panopto (which we have never heard of either) and will be, according to Durham University, "rolled out in in any new or refurbished works from January 2018."

These lectures will be posted two days after the lecture is held, so that they can be edited and reviewed by those carrying them out.

Scenes you might expect to be recorded

One second year student told The Tab: "I can’t believe it, I doubt I’ll ever go to uni again, or even bother coming back to Durham to carry out my studies. This is SO what I needed".

Amazing when you think about it.

Hannah Crosbie, a second year student at St Aidan's, told The Tab: "Before, I had to go to the trouble of being physically present for lazy teaching. But now, I’ll be able to get an audio version of my lecturers reading from the slides straight to my computer!"

At least we can pause the lecturer so we have time to read the essay on the slide from now on.

Ed Cook, a Liberal Arts student from St Aidan's college, claimed that this is "definitely a step in the right direction". He furthered his point by stating: "Having to leave my room just to get a silver standard teaching is a bit of a joke".

Caught on camera

As Cook glanced into the what the dystopian future ahead of us holds, he optimistically imagined "one day we'll transcend this, and lectures will be directly loaded into our brains".

With developments in science and technology advancing SO much in 2018 that we can now have our lectures delivered to our laptops, you have to really sit back and contemplate how far technology, particularly at Durham University has come!

We can only predict that 2021 will bring lectures being loaded into our brains! Silence across the campus as words are streamed merely through the consciousness from one brain to another. A University making decisions truly ahead of our time.

No need to waste your time with this anymore. No need to even get out of bed

One anonymous student was "so glad that the governors of the university are focusing on putting a microphone in a lecture"!

Durham hopes that the recent decision to install lecture capture technology will "study aid […] review and revision, accommodate different learning styles, assist students for whom English is not their first language and students with particular educational needs".