These are officially the most private school Durham colleges

No prizes for guessing this one

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It's fair to say that Durham's students don't necessarily come from the most diverse and egalitarian background.

However, if we think of the poshest colleges Hatfield and Castle definitely spring to mind. Castle college literally looks down on the rest of the city, and Hatfield's students are pretty rah when you think about it.

Unremarkably, Hatfield take the crown, with 56.23 per cent of successful applicants to the college independently educated. Considering about seven per cent of British children are privately educated this is staggering – although not really a shock.

Castle (University College) has a percentage slightly higher than the University's average of 33.23 per cent.

The lesser-known Stockton colleges of Stephenson and John Snow have the fewest successful applicants from private school. This isn't very surprising, but they do sit marginally closer to the national average than the rest of the University.

In Durham city, it is Josephine Butler that has the most state-educated students, making up 79.65 per cent of students given offers.

Perhaps this is why the hill colleges have a reputation of being less stuck-up and controlled by tradition, however this doesn't change the fact that nearly 1/3 of Durham students are privately educated, a number wildly disproportionate to primary and secondary education in the U.K.

Featured image: Gordon Griffiths via Geograph