Don’t go out tonight, Lloyds will be closed

There’s s(no)w chance of getting in past 11pm.

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A notice on the door of Lloyd's Durham has confirmed that it will be closing at 11pm this evening due to the weather conditions.

Whilst many of Durham's more sensible students may have already opted to stay in for the night, for those who were planning to ignore the hazardous conditions the news comes as a disappointment. "But Lloyds is never closed!" said one keen hockey player, clearly in denial. "As long as Paddy's is open we'll be ok".

When asked about alternate clubbing plans, one Aidan's student expressed how sweaty second-choice location Jimmy's might get. "Maybe the extra heat from Jimmy's will help melt the snow", she pondered.

Although Jimmy's might be looking like the next best option for tonight, we do not endorse relying on it's excess body heat or a beer jacket as a replacement for a good quality Durham puffa.

Stay safe out there, make good choices!