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Everything that makes the Durham experience different from any other Uni

And much better, too

Durham is different in many ways to other universities in the U.K, from the fairly average nightlife to the overwhelming number of puffa jackets.


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The college system, although not only a Durham experience, equates to college marriages, college families, college stereotypes and college stash.

But college marriages are all fun and games until college incest is involved. Then there's the questions regarding whether it is college-okay to sleep with your new husband and wives…

If you can't be bothered with endless trecks to MC for training and fitness or if you aren't blessed with outstanding sports ability, then the college system is perfect because you can play at a lower level. Or, even better, be social members and get lots of stash and don't play at all.

Cafés, per square kilometer

Banging hot chocolate from Flat White Cafe.

Per square kilometer, there are … lots of lovely and picturesque cafes. Considering it is one of the few things to do when you're not working, it's helpful there are so many around. Nine Altars has a great hot drink & scone deal for £2.75…

The going out scene is … unique

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The epitome of champagne socialists.

Something that is undoubtedly unique about Durham is the nightlife – or lack thereof. 9 p.m. pres, home by 12. Normal timings? Asking for a friend.

Concerning the team or society socials, Durham never fails to surprise with the range of themes or dress codes: from controversial "Maggy vs. Miners", to "anything but clothes".

There is no other university with Paddy's: a Durham delicacy, nothing better than a big greasy pizza and a long queue to finish the night off. Lloyds not the thing for you? Fret not, from Champers to CalSoc, Durham has the ball for you #ballin.

Durham city is beautiful

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Arguably one of the most picturesque university cities in the U.K. We have a castle, a cathedral and a stunning coastline 20 minutes drive away. Charming cobbled streets and bridges. Durham has a super aesthetic for those much needed insta pics #coffeeandcobbles.