Guide: Nine tricks to overcoming teenage angst and living a fulfilling life

It’s not a phase mom!

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If you’re reading this article it’s very likely you’re either an angsty cynical teen, like myself, or looking to have a good laugh at my expense. I welcome both!

But seriously, we all get a little lonely and down in the dumps sometimes, and even if we’re surrounded by our friends and had a good day, sometimes it’s not enough to make us happy. That’s why I’m here to give you all the tips and tricks for battling the everyday blues!

9. Get some fresh air. Go for a run or something!

A bit hypocritical coming from me, I know, but a healthy body quite literally is a happy one. Exercise releases endorphins, which creates a natural high in the body, triggering dopamine release during a rest period after. Your body literally produces the happiness chemical after an hour or so of exercise! Plus, fresh air and exercise is good for you. YouTube and Netflix, sadly, are not.

8. Talk to someone!

Whether it’s welfare, talking to a corridor, house, or flat mate, or even your mum (who will love to hear from you I’m sure) expressing your emotions rather than keeping them bottled up is healthy, and, if that friend/parent/whoever, can give good advice, it might just put your feelings into perspective!

7. Take a nap

If you have the time, take a nap. You’ve earned it.

6. Eat something

You’re not you when you’re hungry. If you’re not one of the many, many people who keeps snacks in their room, I can recommend. (Though please eat responsibly and in accordance with No. 9).

5. Do your uni work

This one might be what’s getting you down in all honesty. But, just think how good you’re going to feel when you’re finished. Don’t do what I do and panic at 3 a.m.! Or…write an article for The Tab when you’ve got a project due tomorrow!

4. Remember that people still dab

If you’re ever feeling sad, just remember there are people still dabbing in 2018, and rest assured they are much sadder than you.

3. Put someone else first

If you’re feeling sad, try your best to make other people happy, no matter how you’re feeling. Smiling is infectious after all!

2. Remember that it’s all temporary!

Is this literally your first time feeling this way? If so, then how the hell did you find this article? If no, then…well…did the blues go away before? They’ll go away again.

1. Look at this red panda.

(Isn't he precious?)

Yeah, I could only think of like…six things originally, so here’s a picture of a red panda!

If your anxious feelings are more serious and longstanding than those everyday blues this article addresses, please consider contacting the University's Counselling Service at 0191 334 2000.

For more information on Durham University's mental health and mental wellbeing strategies, see here.