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A comprehensive guide to the best places to watch the sunset in Durham

Or sunrise, for you early-risers

Even though Durham is regarded as a relatively small town (read: tiny), the city-life is surprisingly bustling.

Bogged down by lectures, summatives, and the incessant flow of clubbing events, we rarely take the time to admire the scenery around us. Durham is well known for its many hills, riverside paths and scenic views, but for us students these are seemingly non-existent.

So take a moment out of your busy schedules to discover the best places in Durham to observe the sun's comings and goings. What better way to escape the humdrum uni-life than a peaceful, introspective moment beneath the setting sun?

Cardiac hill

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Only a short walk from the Palatine Centre, you'll find this stunning view. Our beloved Science Site looks surprisingly calm and inviting under the setting sun.

Hild Bede riverbanks

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The River Wear is a great provider of picturesque views of the sunset, with the Durham Cathedral looming majestically in the backdrop. Sunrise walks along the river are the perfect way of escaping the stress of summative season.

Observatory Hill

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Tired of the standard, unimaginative dates at Flat White? Bring your next date to Observatory Hill, where the fresh air and panoramic view is guaranteed to make your night that much more special.

Prebends Bridge

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Take a breather from your weekly (monthly?) run along the river on Prebends Bridge, and watch the sun go down.

Wharton Hill

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Wharton Park, arguably Durham's most underappreciated tourist attraction, provides a lovely view of the city and Cathedral. The park is also home to some interesting statues, as well as an amphitheatre!