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Durham Uni’s hummus society are the newest BNOCs in town

They’ve become a national icon

Durham SU's Hummus Society has risen to national fame in a single day after a BBC interview highlighted their love for everyone's favourite chickpea-based dip.

The group, which has 175 members, was set up in Michaelmas 2017 by Cuth's fresher, Naomi Green, who told the BBC: "I just really love hummus".

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Nothing like a good tub of hummus

Naomi gets through two tubs of hummus per week and was inspired to start the society after some chats with friends.

"It’s madness how much it’s taken off and I’m buzzing about it", she told The Tab.

"At the last social I had to go out and buy more hummus as we overfilled the venue", she said in the BBC interview.

"I guess it's just a taste that people really like. It goes with a lot of different things and there are a lot of different varieties of it."

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Carrots, celery, crisps: so much snacking potential

After the Facebook page, 'Hummus Memes', gave the society a shoutout for their contributions to the hummus sensation, the public was delighted.

One commenter said: "I’m going to Durham uni, it’s settled", another adding: "Never mind Cambridge, I'm going to Durham instead".

Meanwhile, The Sun covered the story under the headline: 'So this is what students do for fun these days'. Bah, like they did anything better back in the '90s.

In fact, our generation's penchant for the various blends of tahini, lemon, chickpea, and spices we call 'hummus' has been so stratospheric that we are faced with a national shortage of the stuff.

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'I just really love hummus'

Spending on chilled dips in 2017 rose by almost £40 million last year, according to consumer insight firm Kantar Worldpanel.

The unique texture and taste of the snack, which originated in the 13th century in the Middle East, has made it a global sensation.

And, as President Naomi Green and our very own Durham Uni Hummus Society have shown, it still proves to be a fine opportunity for socialising – even in the remotest corners of the world – today.