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Durham didn’t fail any finalists last year, so I’ll see you at the pub

It’s time to endorse doing the bare minimum

We've been taught for all of our lives that failure is easy, easier than success. But fortunately for us Durham students, this simply isn't the case.

Durham (along with ten other universities) have admitted that all undergraduates who took their finals last year passed and received an award.

According to a report in The Sunday Times, 100 per cent of the 3,829 Durham students enrolled in their third year (2016/2017) passed.

So, if you ask me, that means passing at Durham is actually quite easy and the hard part was, well, actually getting in. Now is the time you can quite rightly justify your minimalistic approach to uni work and your time spent in the Swan.

For us? Great news. For the institution itself? Well, Lord Adonis, Former Minister of State for Education, told The Times: “It is not credible that amongst thousands of students none (…) will fail to make the grade. This yet again raises the issue of university standards and universities’ obsession with simply milking revenue out of students without requiring enough in return."

Are we simply paying to get a degree or are we paying to actually be educated? Apparently, we are pretty much guaranteed to pass, so perhaps it's the former.

Stop stressing, shut your laptop lids, put down those books and get yourself to the pub. You've paid, you're going to be fine.