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We asked you what you actually thought of Lumiere, and you were brutal

The best bit was that it was free

Lumiere hit us with full force last weekend with the streets swamped with people from (apparently) all over the UK, and the students left to fend for themselves and fight for their daily shop in Tesco. Alas, the Tesco daily shop was put on hold for four days. But at least there were burger vans everywhere.

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Even if you tried to avoid it, Lumiere was just about everywhere from the eerie alien-invasion-esque glow pervading the air around the Cathedral to the palace like structure in Market Square, all the way to the lit up arches of the Viaduct. Is it just me or could they have done something a bit jazzier than have them swapping between bright pink and purple all the time?

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The funky white structure didn't look too shabby all lit up

But with all the crowds and food and light, what did Durham students really think of the spectacle, that word on the street has it, was better two years ago?

Here's what you thought of Lumiere:

Hannah, Hild Bede

'I'm not going to lie to you, I found it very underwhelming.'

If a couple of red LEDs, lighting up the trees aren't your cup of tea I can imagine the disappointment. But reviews weren't all negative…

Angela, Josephine Butler

'I loved it. When I went into the Botanical Gardens, I was like "this is my sh*t", this is the artsy, free student life I wanted. I can pretend to be cultured as well!'

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Lit up trees seemed to be a focal point

Some were unsure about the whole event…

Fiona, Chads

'Umm… it was nice?'

Milo, Hild Bede

'Lumiere meant that Deliveroo took two and a half hours to deliver my curry.'

For all we know, couldn't get access to Tesco due to the crowds and a takeaway was his last resort.

At least you were happy that the drinks were provided:

Kyle, Hild Bede

'The only thing worthwhile at Lumiere was the plum cider.'

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People were getting a bit cagey about the queues

But for the people who didn't discover the bevs, it was somewhat anticlimatic:

Bradley, Castle

'Imagine waiting in a queue for over an hour in the middle of November to see some blue lights on trees.'

Mary, Hild Bede

Lumiere 'just sort of passed me by, I walked past the Viaduct and saw some lights and the moon on the castle was a bit creepy.'

At least some people used that light to their advantage and made the most of the Instagram opportunities presented by the event:

Bally, Grey

'Well, let's just say there was good selfie light under one of the installations.'

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The first time the physics building had people voluntarily visiting

So maybe it really was better two years ago, maybe lighting up the Cathedral in time with the bell ringing wasn't that effective after all (especially after the hour queue to get in there) and maybe creepy moon faces are a little unnecessary. Until next time Lumiere, bring on 2019.