Reasons why messy people are the best

Everyone loves a hot mess

One of the most demoralising moments has to be when a flatmate comes into your room and picks their way across your assortment of items scattered across the floor.

Or if at pre-drinks someone asks to borrow a glass and you feel the embarrassment as you inspect each possible receptacle; that one has the remains of berocca in it, that one has too many tea rings to count, and the one that actually has mould growing in it.

But feel free to bask in your glorious mess, here are some reasons why messy people are the best kind of people:

They are notoriously low maintenance

Probably most of your chilled friends are the ones who aren’t opposed to holding out for a two-weekly wash. Who doesn’t want to be that relaxed person who languidly writes a summative in a mere 24 hour period.

They never make anyone feel inadequate

If you want a morale boost, just go along to your messy friends room – at least you have your shit together more than they have.

‘How long has that pear been slowly disintegrating on that shelf’ you’ll smugly think to yourself as you skip off back to your tidy, productive abode.

They will never get touchy about kitchen etiquette

If you’re living with a messy person, feel free to get crumbs in the butter, go ahead and leave the pan to ‘soak’ for a week.. the possibilities are endless.

Not wasting your time tidying and putting things away means that you have so much more time to spend doing the important things in life. Like taking a BuzzFeed quiz to find out what variety of potato you are.

They’ll be more than happy to host pres

It’s already really messy everywhere, what does it matter if some more vodka is spilled on the floor, or if your rug is decorated further with crumbs from prawn cocktail crisps.

Students are known to be messy, lazy creatures – just embrace it. Maybe time to wash those cups though, mould can become a health threat..