Getting naked clearly works…

Theology student Ali Middleton from Collingwood  has been crowned Durham’s fittest male fresher.

31% of you voted for Ali, 30% of the votes going to runner-up Jared. Cam and Adam both got 16% of your votes, and George won 7% of them.

When asked about his big win Ali said:

‘Quite surprised at the win, but obviously honoured. I’d like to thank Cam Lyle for not sending in a good photo of himself and my mum for sharing the post. Hopefully this award won’t go to my head, or any other facial feature.’

Ali told The Tab what he looks for in a partner is ‘a good looking guide dog,’ describing his own style as being that of an ‘adventurous celtic warrior.’

Ladies, if you’re lucky enough to get this guy, he’s a keeper!