Durham BNOC of the Year Nominations: Round One

Your shortlist for Durham’s biggest name


You’ve sent in your nominations, now let’s see who’s up for the title of ‘BNOC of the Year’. Here’s the first heat of Durham’s biggest names:

Willy Anggono, Collingwood, 1st Year

Described by admirers as “The People’s Choice” and “Everywhere at once”, Willy Anggono really does put the “wood” in Collingwood. A popular guy amongst college as well as the rest of Durham, Willy is famed for his sober semi-naked dances in his corridor as well as his utter obsession with quavers.

A loveable member of uni, Willy has silenced people into shock at his pretty amazing singing talents as well as impressed with his photography.

He also isn’t afraid of showing a bit of love, after being man-boob groped on his first trip to the Klute dance floor and telling people “Feel free to try me” when promoting himself to be Collingwood’s Hugmaster General.

George Hammond, Hild Bede, 1st Year

Everyone clap for George.

Alex Woolhouse, Van Mildert, 2nd Year

This confident Queen of Mildert has been described as “sass, class and ass” with a love of Durham’s pop culture.

Literally all of you know him. Every night out he is approached by his fans, so it’s no surprise he is Mildert’s Events Officer and College Goddess. He even won the acclaimed title of Mr Mildert.

Alex is awash with admirers and is known for his high levels of romantic success.

Apparently, his lecturers are rather fond of him too…