Cyclist trapped under X12 bus in collision outside the DSU

He’s now been pulled free

A cyclist has been pulled from under a bus after an accident in front of the DSU this evening.

The male cyclist, who is not believed to be a student, was pulled from the front wheels of a bus by emergency services at about 9:50pm.

The bus was reportedly an X12 heading towards the bus station.

Both Church Street and Hallgarth Street were closed and New Elvet was shut from the bottom.

Four ambulances, two firetrucks, and two police cars attended the scene.

Speaking to The Tab, police said: “There has been a road traffic collision and potential injuries”

Eye-Witnesses, Izzy Morrow and Emilie Dando-Crosasso, who are both freshers, told The Tab: “We saw the cyclist trapped under the bus just after the accident had happened, he was lying with his face inwards but we didn’t see which part of him was stuck under the front wheel.

“There were people shouting at the bus driver, trying to tell him someone was trapped under.

“People on the bus were using the emergency exits to try and get out to get help.”