Nick Clegg had the chance to stop tuition fees rising to £9000

Osborne said he was ‘mad’ to let them do it

Nick Clegg had the opportunity to stop the rise in tuition fees, but thought the dramatic increase was necessary, according to George Osborne. 

The Former Lib Dem leader was apparently given the chance to block payments soaring up to £9000 a year, but turned it down.

The money handling Tory was reportedly surprised by Clegg going back on his word, saying: “They are mad to let us do this.”

Angry protesters after tuition fees were trebled

The Mail on Sunday reported how Nick Clegg had a chance to stop the higher charges, but let them rise despite the clear Lib Dem pledge to keep tuition fees low.

First Secretary of State Osborne allegedly told Clegg how the change was not “imperative”, but the former Deputy Prime Minister rejected the offer and allowed the changes to take place.

When asked about the apparent opportunity to save our fees, Lib Dem Head of Press Tim Hobden told The Tab: “​It’s utter garbage I’m afraid, the Daily Mail didn’t approach us for comment.

“Sorry, but the Tories seem to be enjoying peddling this junk to the Daily Mail at the moment.”

“It’s lovely to know Osborne was so considerate in Coalition!”

The Lib Dems ruled out a rise in tuition fees in their 2010 manifesto, but made the mother of all U-turns in November when they agreed to raise the cap to £9000 a year while in coalition with the Tories.

Clegg was apparently ‘mad’ to let tuition fees go up

Clegg later apologised for the change of heart, telling voters: “It was a pledge made with the best of intentions – but we should not have made a promise we were not absolutely sure we could deliver.

“I shouldn’t have committed to a policy that was so expensive when there was no money around.

“Not least when the most likely way we would end up in government was in coalition with Labour or the Conservatives who were both committed to put fees up.”