TabTries: The Hild Bede Summer Ball

Didn’t get a ticket? You really did miss out as much as you thought you would.

Despite The Tab discovering quite how lax the security situation at Hild Bede Ball was by being able to accidentally stroll into the event without a wristband, the night revealed itself to be well organized and entertaining.

The build up was big, with larger headliner acts than any other college, meaning the pressure for the organisers was on.

Tickets sold out at record speed, meaning people were desperately hunting some down the day of the event. One attendee, Archie Murdoch, revealing that, even as a member of Hild Bede JCR, he had only been able to get his hands on a wristband a few hours before the night.

The carnival theme was a huge success and guests appeared to be enjoying the sweet treats on offer, such as free candy floss, popcorn and jelly beans. A talking, yet slightly offensive, lion and the acrobatic display all added to the light hearted nature of the night.

Despite relatively long queues and a few minor bumps and bruises, a popular addition was the fairground rides, something which other college balls noticeably lacked.

The main act of the night was The Feeling, drawing the biggest crowd, and everyone surprised themselves with how many songs from their year 8 disco they could remember.

There was a slightly more understated performance from Redlight, as the crowd waiting for his act suddenly realised that the lone DJ onstage was in fact the anticipated and supposed highlight of the ball.

However, both acts served to fire up an already exuberant crowd and suited the electric atmosphere of the night.

Overall the night was brilliant: guests were suitably boozed and the entertainment was far more successful than it had been at many of the other colleges. The ball exec did a fabulous job at fulfilling everyone’s high hopes for the night.

Photography by Kyle Wong ©