Get ready for a night out on the toon

Palatoon’s back, along with another chance to be hungover until Christmas…

Next Thursday Durham takes over Newcastle in what has become a staple of the Durham social calendar: Palatoon.

A bunch of tools?

It’s set to be in contention for the title of biggest night in Durham’s history: the combined force of Monk, Nova and Paradise Disco, 16 colleges, 1,500 Durham students, 42 coaches, 3 trebles bars and one chance to get absolutely launched away from the lingering BO of the Klute dance floor.

After its success last year Palatoon is moving Durham nightlife to Newcastle again for one night on the 4th of December.

Palatoon wants you

This year tickets will cost £15 which apparently includes three rotating trebles bars, entry to Tiger Tiger and return transport. Maybe an opportunity for some to take a trip to Newcastle without either breaking the bank or risking the £40 taxi for an early exit.

Looking to make this year’s night better than the last, Palatoon intends to bring all the big Durham nights under one roof.

A different room for every night means revellers can enjoy the “chilled out sexy vibe” of Paradise Disco, the edgy beats of Nova and the tried-and-tested tunes of the Shack, courtesy of Monk.

Prepare your hand signs for the Nova room

Asked about his thoughts on Palatoon, clubbing titan Lorcan Treacy told The Tab: “It’s a great opportunity to get my face out there among so many students.”

Rory Anderson added: “It’s essentially three nights out in one, #3from1.”

Milly Wilkinson expressed her excitement about returning to her “old stomping ground” and a second year historian (who declined to be named) just nodded her head and added “looooose”.

Below par lid


College reps are already selling tickets – get buying.