Talking dirty with FILTHY

There’s this event at Loveshack and the dress code is ‘less is more’

Nearing the end of first term, it’s only natural to hear complaints about the monotony of Durham nightlife.

The familiar ritual of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the morning headaches brought on by third world imported vodka, your overwhelming sense of loneliness.

However, if there’s one event which promises to break up this cycle and inject a sense of excitement into the Palatinate then it’s FILTHY, Durham’s take on the Exeter tradition of the “Safer Sex Ball”.

Plenty of time for this behind closed curtains

As with the aforementioned event, the dress theme is “less is more”, presenting those of you who’ve been toiling away in the gym with the perfect opportunity to show off your hard work.

Despite this, the dress code is very much open to interpretation – the man in charge told me clubgoers should treat the night in the same vein as Gospel Project, and that similar outfits will be appreciated.

Breare chose this one

To try and build a sense of excitement/ lessen the initial awkwardness, Loveshack will be divided into two separate sections for the first hour or so, with “top-secret” entertainment provided on both sides.

The separate Facebook groups, which have come in for some stick, are intended as another way of creating that sense of exclusivity.

Coming to us this Sunday, the event’s already managed to attract controversy over a perceived sexist theme.

The men behind it were very keen to clear to emphasise the event is, at heart, about promoting safe sex.

Despite the provocative name, it’s intended to be a light-hearted affair, and every effort has been made to make people have fun rather than feel uncomfortable.

Perks of the night include topless (male) waiters, exciting drinks deals, and some very dodgy outfits, while I’ve been told to expect a lot more surprises.

The brains behind the operation

Talking to students about the event, the general reception was positive.

Richard Geiger said: “I can’t wait to get my 10/10 rig and school water polo speedos out”.

On the other hand, Claudia Light described FILTHY as “vile and misogynistic”, but assured me she had already picked out a special piece of lingerie for the occasion.

Tom Cummins was unavailable for comment.

FILTHY takes place at Loveshack on Sunday 30th November.