Player of the Week: Jess Cooper

A member of the Divas’ old guard, the outstanding Jess Cooper is our player of the week. She likes her teammates’ ‘unbeatable abs’.

Name: Jess Cooper

Age: 21

Hometown: Chester

Sport: Cheerleading

College: Hatfield

Degree: English

A thrilling parade.


Best memory with the Divas?: So many good memories but the best one has to be spending the weekend in Disney Land and getting to take part in the Disney parade (and seeing a Diva face plant mid-parade).

Biggest crush in the Divas?: Well it’s an all girls team but I’d have to say Jenny Crawford for her unbeatable abs.

Greatest achievement in cheer?: Being international grand champions at a competition in Paris.

Bloody hell that looks painful.


Would you say cheer is a ‘real’ sport?: Cheer is definitely a real sport! People assume that it just involves cheering on other teams who are actually doing a ‘real sport’, but we don’t do that at all! We’re a competitive team that performs routines which involve gymnastics, dance and stunting (throwing people in the air). No pom poms used!

Lloyds or Shack?: Definitely Shack



Funniest moment on a Divas social?: That’s hard, there’s been so many! Probably when last year’s social sec ended up in A&E on our first social so she couldn’t cheer for the rest of term (that maybe wasn’t funny for her though).

Top on your Durham bucket list?: To see cheerleading made a BUCS sport!