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Vincent Lim
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Meet the founder of the new Male Human Rights Society

‘Men can be and are often victims of real problems’

Framwellgate Bridge cordoned off by police

30 onlookers watching emergency services at work

VIDEO: Butler vs York Varsity Boat Race

Watch Durham triumph over York… at drinking

Player of the Week: Jess Cooper

A member of the Divas’ old guard, the outstanding Jess Cooper is our player of the week. She likes her teammates’ ‘unbeatable abs’.

Team of the Week: Durham Divas

Fresh from their most successful year yet, the Durham Divas are looking to throw some even more outrageous shapes this year.

‘I’d keep an eye on our scrummage’, warns DURFC skipper ahead of Leeds charity match

The Palatinates take on Leeds in this season’s charitable curtain-raiser

Meet the Captains

As the beginning of the academic year looms ever closer, it’s time to meet your sporting heroes, our captains and presidents, those paragons of athleticism and leadership we call Palatinates.

Hill vs Bailey Charity Cricket

Following on from the continued success of the rugby Hill vs Bailey charity match, college cricketers are looking to equal the popularity of their rugby counterparts, and perhaps even surpass it…

Get Involved: College Festival of Sport

Last chance to sign up – today! On 10th June Durham’s one and only inter-collegiate sports day returns.

Hill vs Bailey: Ask the captains

With another set of exams looming and the number of pointlessly irritating library selfies at an all-time-high, we thought we’d give you a bit of a break with the captains’ views on this year’s hotly anticipated Hill vs Bailey charity rugby match.

Durham MCC cricketer stars in World Cricket League triumph

Ben Stevens has, for the second time, been named player of the tournament in the World Cricket League Division 5! JOE MAYES reports.

JoButler Fashion Show – A Walk Through Time

Vincent Lim went to the Josephine Butler Fashion Show

Collingwood Cricket submit false results in match-fixing scandal

Collingwood College Cricket Club are the dominant force in college cricket. Now its authority has been shaken to the very core. VINCENT LIM reveals how senior members of the club purportedly fabricated results in college sport’s most recent scandal…

TONIGHT – HCAFC vs Cuth’s in the Floodlit Cup final

It’s been a long journey for both Hatfield and Cuth’s but it’s finally here – the Floodlit Cup final. We spoke to both Captains ahead of the match, and bring you the buildup to this pinnacle of the footballing season.

Team of the week: DU American Football

The Durham Saints are our team of the week – they’re killing it in BUCS, thanks to a renewed sense of purpose and a couple of American imports…

Player of the week: Diego Melendez

Diego Melendez has been a big name in the Durham Saints this season. We fired some questions at the man from Mexico City…

Last Chance Charlie

Been eyeing up some hot stuff in your seminars? Wish you were more than ‘just friends’? Sick of the sexual tension? We interviewed the founder of Last Chance Charlie, Durham’s new and most innovative dating service…

Durham survive scare to take College Varsity 2014

Durham’s best college teams survived a late York onslaught to hold onto a historic victory in the first ever college varsity…

DUHC M1s continue unbeaten streak

They’ve gone 13 straight games unbeaten and now they’re only aiming for one thing: the BUCS Championship. TOM MILLS finds out just how well DUHC’s M1s are doing…

Team of the week: DUSC

Durham’s sailors have regularly been making waves across the country, and this season has been no different…

Player of the week: Guy Dixon

Our player of the week is DUSC’s Guy Dixon. We like the cut of his jib…

DU Athletics strong at Sheffield

Last week, just as we were getting sick of watching figure skating for the 5th time in 3 days, DU Athletics reminded us of what the actual Olympics are like. They took their best to Sheffield, the second biggest meet of the season. TOM MILLS reports.

Player of the week: Tricia Oakes

Part of Durham’s hugely impressive Women’s 1sts Basketball team, and a key factor in their success this season, TRICIA OAKES answered some of our questions. She’s hungry for that elusive BUCS Championship title…

Team of the week: DU Basketball

DU Bball have really come into their stride this season, with success coming at all levels of the club. With a Premiership title already under their belt, the ballers are looking to take the cups by storm…

Palatinates prepare for College Varsity

This Sunday, Durham’s top college teams will take on the best that York has to offer in the College Varsity competition. York have said they’re ready. We’ve been ready since 1832.

Welcome to TheGoodLife

There’s a new website in town that’s drumming up a lot of hype. We sat down with founder and Durham student, Richard Meaney, to chat about what the future holds. Welcome to TheGoodLife.

Player of the week: Ben D’Souza

We fired some questions at Grey Ultimate’s Ben D’Souza, who’s our player of the week; according to others on the team, ‘there’s no better example of a Phoenix Knight.’

Team of the week: Phoenix Knights (Grey Ultimate)

Our team of the week is Grey Ultimate Frisbee – they’ve got a massive claim to be the biggest ultimate club in Durham and have topped it off this year by organising a national tournament. CRAIG HAWES gives us the inside scoop…

Butler D Pool: an underdog story

We all love a good underdog story but they’re even better when it comes to pub sports. Butler D Pool take on Trevelyan A in the Intercollegiate Trophy Quarter Finals, and it’s going to get interesting…

Fencers go for gold

Durham’s fencers have had an unprecedented season of some serious success. They’re now looking to go harder and smash the individuals and the cup, with a social or two thrown in…

Player of the week: Oliver Brown

We got in touch with UCBC stalwart, Oliver Brown, who’s been named as the ‘go-to-guy’ for Castle rowing. What a man.

DUAFC’s cracking Championship debut

DUAFC’s 1sts beat Gloucestershire on Wednesday to mark a strong beginning to their bid for the BUCS Championship, their first ever appearance in the competition. The boys are looking to make history…

The Battle of the (Hild) Bedes

It’s the biggest match the college, and Division 3, have ever seen. TOM MILLS takes us behind the scenes of this tantalising encounter…

DULTC do the double

DULTC’s men and women have won the Northern Prem, meaning we’ve got a double on our hands. The scenes on-court are simply sensational.

Team of the week: Butler C Darts

Their naked calendar contribution certainly caused a stir, the reverberations from which are still being felt across Durham. Now, insider, The Owl, lifts the shlid on the infamous Butler C.

Player of the Week: James Priest

We speak to the Butler C Darts captain, James Priest, who’s our player of the week. Having won the premiership last season amid sensational scenes, he’s been the main man for the team.

TabTries: the Voto

Voto. 1. Noun – A video taken with the intention of exposing the subjects’ assumption that it’s a photo. 2. Verb – to take a video whilst telling people it’s a photo, resulting in hilariously cringeworthy facial twitching.

Palatinalps: The Parties

We know the real reason why you came on Palatinalps. It wasn’t for the powder (well…), nor was it for the ‘experience of being in the mountains’. You asked for parties. You got them.

Palatinalps: The Pistes

The best way to cure a Tignes hangover is with a bit of healthy competition. You’ve got to do something during the day, right?

Lucrative Lindisfarne Gospels Generate £8.3 Million

The Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition, which closed just before the start of Michaelmas Term, managed to generate an impressive £8.3 million for the local economy.

14 things you’ll only understand if you’re an arts student

The Arts span a number of different disciplines, but there are a few shared experiences that separate us from those sneering scientists…

TabGuide: to Manscaping

Wet shave, dry shave or the naked mole rat? We run down your best hedge maintenance methods

Feisty fencers cross swords with Newcastle ‘bell-ends’

It’s a noble sport; one practised in this country for centuries, so you’d think it wouldn’t get too rowdy. You’d be wrong.

TabTries: The Fighting Cocks

Who dares wins and Vincent Lim dared. Our ballsy reporter went forth and entered the fearful establishment that is the Fighting Cocks, with epic results…

Durham’s Funny Freshers Group Posts

Some sweet, stupid and slightly odd Fresher’s had some funny moments on Facebook in the build up to the fresher invasion – Vincent Lim rounds up the best.