Bald is beautiful: The low-down on Durham salons

Everything you need to know about waxing, threading and looking good


Brow and Lash Bar

After one Durham student went to get her eyebrows done at the Brow Bar and was left with bruises, we searched for a more appropriate salon to get waxed at.

She said: “It looks like I have been punched in the face. It’s really painful and I am never going back again. Threading is meant to hurt but not like this!”


They said: “it’s a very soft and cotton thread” and it’s “never happened before.” However they also suggested “it can happen if you have very sensitive skin,” which the girl does.

Student discount: Does it even matter?

Dream Oasis

Tucked up by the cathedral, Dream Oasis is just off Saddler Street and offers a range of services from massages to piercings. To compare with other salons, a Hollywood is £16.50.

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A second year who got a Brazilian said “I think my wax was a bit wonky….but I didn’t mind because it wasn’t painful at all and the staff were really friendly.”

Dream Oasis did explain that if it was wonky this was most likely because of the way the girl moved her underwear because it is up to the customer where they wax the line.

Student Discount: N/A

Sirens Durham

An award winning salon offering treatments from hair removal to henna. A first-time Hollywood will set you back £30 though.

Perfect Marketplace location.

Student Discount: Runs through to November at 50% on a different day each week. All new clients 50% off first treatment. Returning students 25% off for the whole of October (excludes Hollywoods and lash infills).

If you can be bothered to climb the stairs…

The Marriott

Located on Old Elvet, this is the least student-based salon but still offers the classic services. A Hollywood will cost you £26.

Hidden off to the right of reception.

One girl who got a wax said “They were really slow. You can tell no one really goes there.”

The Marriott explained that the usual expected time for a Brazilian is half an hour, so they “can’t really comment on what she’s had done somewhere else.” They also said that they do get a lot of students and that it depends on the time as to how busy it may be.

Student Discount: 10% any treatment, any day.

The Beauty Spot

Not much to look at from the outside, once you have climbed the stairs it does look like a proper salon offering treatments for nails, body and face.

Located in Saddler’s Yard.

The staff were very friendly and keen to help. An advanced bikini wax will cost between £22-30.

The reception, all consultations are free and confidential.

Student Discount: 20% on Tues and Weds

Miracles Beauty Lounge

Last year Lindsay McNaughton taught us to expect Miracles at Miracles Beauty Lounge in Saddler Street and Diane’s salon is still a top spot for freshers, from waxing to Shellac nails. A Hollywood will cost you £22.

Big things come in small packages.

Miracles is also offering free consultation for skin analysis.

If you are suffering from problem skin, Miracles can provide microdermabrasion for things like large pores and acne.

A treatment room.

Student Discount: 50% off for freshers for 5 treatments before the end of the year. 10% for other students.