VIDEO: Professor Green slaps a student at Durham SU Welcome Ball

He told the crowd: ‘That’s what happens when you call me a cunt’.

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Professor Green SLAPPED a student in the face at the DSU Welcome Ball this evening.

The student, who drunkenly called the artist a “cunt” from the crowd, got more than an autograph when the singer heard him and decided to reprimand his bad language.

The foul-mouthed star delivered an open-hand slap to the face, before telling the crowd: “That’s what happens when you call me a cunt.”

Witnesses at the event have told The Tab that soon after Professor Green started his set a male student close to the stage shouted the profanity.

One fresher said: “Some guy at the front of the crowd shouted ‘cunt’ at [Professor Green] so he stooped and slapped him”.

Another described the student as “very, very drunk” and that he was “escorted out”.

The artist called the crowd ‘F*cking lively’ on his Twitter feed

The Jungle artist, who was announced as the headline act for the ball in mid-September, was at the DSU event promoting his new album Growing Up In Public when the incident happened.

The ball, despite the SU’s attempts, never quite manages to be one of the bigger fixtures of Freshers’ Week.

One college reported that out of over 300 freshers only four went this year.

A student who attended last year described it as “a bit of a damp squib…[the evening] was alright, but there are better events in college”.

The Freshers’ Ball 2013: ‘a bit of a damp squib’

A fresher who chose not to go to the ball this year told The Tab they were “gutted to have missed it now” and paying nearly £40 for a ticket would have been “worth it to see a internationally renowned rap artist bitch slap a teenager”.

The rapper, who is married to Made in Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh, does not have the best of luck when it comes to performing for students.

Last year he was hospitalised after being crushed between two cars on the way to a May Ball.

Maybe Pro Green needs to publicly grow up

Professor Green could not be reached for comment.

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