Uni speaks out about missing student

Today Durham University’s Pro-VP and Deputy Warden spoke out about student Luke Pearce’s recent disappearance.

This afternoon The Tab interviewed Professor Graham Towl, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Warden, about missing student Luke Pearce.

The BBC interviews Graham Towl.

He said that Luke was ‘very popular in college’ and stressed that his disappearance is extremely out of character. Despite exam season, Luke appeared to be doing well on his Engineering course.

In an interview with the BBC, Towl reiterated that the university works closely with the students about their safety, especially regarding alcohol.

Professor Towl expresses his concerns over Luke’s disappearance.

Towl commented on the ‘heartwarming’ nature of the support shown. He said earlier ‘Over 20 students will join officers today to help try and locate Luke, following a full safety briefing from the police’ after students came forward to ask if there was anything they could do.

He has been in touch with Luke’s family and they will do whatever they feel is necessary to find him.

Regarding the nature of Luke’s disappearance, Towl said that it was a ‘rare event’ nationally considering the amount of students in Durham and the UK. Nonetheless, students in Durham are shocked and the overall mood seems to be one of concern and hope for his safe return.

Towl outside Bill Bryson this afternoon.

At the moment the police could not comment on the state of safety precautions along the river.

Police are ‘specifically appealing for a couple who were seen walking along the river bank from Baths Bridge towards the bandstand at around 1.30am on Sunday morning to get in touch, as it is likely that they would have passed Luke.’ They don’t believe this couple are connected with Luke’s disappearance, but they may have been the last to see him.

News Editor Julia Price interviews Towl earlier today.

Towl said that ‘Durham is a relatively safe city’ but it is still his ‘top priority’ to locate Luke.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101.