VOTE NOW: Durham’s worst college

POPPY OVENDEN hands the age-old question over to the people.

We all love our colleges, and may even have a fondness for other colleges that we’re not actually in, but some are just hard to like. Is it because you always lose to them at football? Maybe you met someone from there once you just really pissed you off? Well, it’s payback time, time to show them who’s really the worst college:


Judging by how they’re the butt of approximately 80% of college chants, no one really likes Hatfield apart from people who actually go to Hatfield. Yes, there are a lot of posh people around Durham, but these guys are really posh, and have quite an infamous reputation. Indeed, most people’s feelings about this particular college can probably be summed up by what the Pope said when they went to Rome to see him.

Deceptively pretty


Sure, these guys do seem to have a lot of things going for them, including the fact that they live in a World Heritage Site. But does anybody think that maybe think that these guys maybe have it a little too good? Whatever the reason, you can probably find a reason to be a bit miffed at Castle, probably because you’re jealous of them and, even more likely, because you didn’t get in.

Yes, we get it, it looks nice. (Credit: Des Blenkinsopp)


Whether you don’t like it because it’s small, random, (on the hill)…or maybe you’re just not a big fan of hexagons, Trevs isn’t high on anybody’s list. As any person who has been asked where they’re from and been met with an ‘Oh, Trevs, that’s nice’ will tell you, it can sometimes be perceived as a bit of a non-entity.

The luscious greens of Trevelyan (Credit: Gordon Griffiths)


If anything, you should feel sorry these guys purely because they had to cook their own food when they were still lowly freshers. Not only this but, being built in only 2006, Butler’s very much a ‘new kid on the block’, and nobody really likes new kids anyway. It’s also so far up the hill it’s practically in Stockton.

Not quite the cathedral


Cuth’s should be on the list just for pretending to be one college when it’s actually two, one of which is slap bang next to the prison, arguably one of Durham’s less appealing landmarks and, on top of this, they have to cook for themselves. Cuth’s is also known to have a bit of a reputation for extreme LAD culture,and has a ‘rather icky green’ for its college colour scheme and, as anyone from Cuth’s will repeatedly tell you, it’s not even a real college, it’s a society. Nobody likes a pedant.

Only one half (Credit: DWaterson)


No one’s ever seen it, nobody knows where it is, and nobody’s even really ever met anyone who goes there. Is it even a real place? No one can be exactly sure, hence Ustinov makes the list purely for managing to maintain its status as a Durham college for so long whilst actually being imaginary.

What we are led to believe Unistov looks like