TONIGHT – HCAFC vs Cuth’s in the Floodlit Cup final

It’s been a long journey for both Hatfield and Cuth’s but it’s finally here – the Floodlit Cup final. We spoke to both Captains ahead of the match, and bring you the buildup to this pinnacle of the footballing season.

These are the days that college players dream of.

After three gruelling knockout rounds, both Hatfield and Cuth’s have emerged as our two contenders in this season’s Floodlit Cup final.

Hatfield’s presence is testament to their fantastic league form this season, having topped the Premiership table with an impressive record of 10 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw.

They even represented Durham in the College Varsity, demolishing James College 7-2.

Hatfield are used to winning on the crumb…

Captain, Will Wimmer, told The Tab, “I would like to rule us out of picking up the Trophy tonight. It’s really a one horse race given they have an ex Man United star in their starting XI.”

We’re all just looking forward to the occasion and the chance to play in front of a big crowd.”

An argument often put forward by leading scholars is that Shakespeare actually wrote Henry V as a proleptic extended metaphor for this very match. Have a look at this offering from the Hatfield boys:

Cuth’s captain, Walter Kerr, told us, “Hatfield have a strong line-up but better players have spent 90 minutes in Gilly’s back pocket before now.”

Cup finals are made for the underdogs, and with the backing of the Cuth’s faithful, we have every reason to dream.”

Cuth’s are sounding the more confident of the two, which is perhaps down to the fact they’ve got Oliver Gill.

The former Manchester United player, with Champions League experience, jumped ship before United became a depressing mid-table side.

Will Fergie’s tutelage prove enough to stop Hatfield’s attacking prowess?

‘Who the fuck is David Moyes?’ – not Ollie Gill.

It appears that both teams are looking to play the underdog in tonight’s battle, but if the Premiership table is anything to go by, the most likely result looks like a Hatfield win, with Cuth’s only managing a disappointing 4 points in the league this year – but that was without their DUAFC players.

In keeping with this change in form, however, they have accrued the best goal difference in the cup so far.

The buildup on social media for this match has been absolutely outstanding, with both clubs offering a plethora of content for fans.

Hatfield orchestrated yet another rousing speech

The Hatfield boys have made a lot of noise on Facebook

..and this lovely appraisal of the team…

…and then there was this…

Get down to the Crumb tonight at 20:00 for a 20:10 kickoff, and watch as one team makes college footballing history, whilst the other falls into the depths of 2nd place obscurity.

Game on, boys.