The Durham Story

‘The Durham Story’ leaves Britain begging for more from Morgan.

Alex Morgan, a third year Hild Bede philosophy student, has recently climbed to fame with his documentary, ‘The Durham Story.’

The film has recently received an impressive nomination in the Royal Television Society Awards, seeing off competition from recognized production companies, such as Meerkat Films and Moo Television.

The film was in the top three for the ‘Non-broadcast Factual Programme’ category. Morgan commented that the nomination was “hugely exciting” and that it was “an honour to be up there with established production companies.”

‘The Durham Story’ was released last summer with immense success. Two screenings of the documentary at Durham Castle were sold out, in addition to the DVD selling out at the Durham Waterstones. It is set for re-release within the coming weeks and is to be streamed online via Facebook.

It has even recently been discussed on the BBC radio with Jonathan Miles.

Let’s be honest, I did it for the ladies

Most films about Durham look back on its buildings and history, including the beautiful chapel, the life of St. Bede, and the Wars of the Roses. This is the first film to look back on the history of the university and its students.

Ye Freshmonne

Commissioned by Durham World Heritage Site, the documentary goes back to the first Durham students, exploring what mischief the undergraduates got up to in the 19th century. With a ban from pubs and bars and a strict bed time, it sounds like they got up to much more interesting things than falling out of Klute or Loveshack.

Apparently students in the 19th century partied differently to the freshers today

The documentary is presented by Alex Morgan, and was directed and scored by two Durham graduates, Guy Hughes and Danford Showan. The film even includes interviews with impressive characters such as Durham’s beloved Bill Bryson and Sir Thomas Allen.

Check out the trailer here. (Or if you’d rather laugh at Hatfield, the cringe-worthy student trailer here).