Player of the week: Guy Dixon

Our player of the week is DUSC’s Guy Dixon. We like the cut of his jib…

bucs DUSC Guy Dixon Player of the week Sailing Team of the week

Name: Guy Dixon

Age: 18

Hometown: Oxford

Sport: Sailing

College: Hild Bede

Degree: Economics

Best memory with DUSC?: After being termed ‘Shit Fresher’ by the Alumni, showing them that we’re not too shabby ourselves and beating them.

So much concentration…

Biggest crush in DUSC?: Eve Smith, she could crush anything.

Greatest achievement in sailing?: National Youth Champion and International Schools Champion in the same year.

Lloyds or Shack?: Who doesn’t love to dabble between the two

You have to have a threesome with 2 people in Durham – pick em: Digby Walker and Bill Bryson, just look at the hair on the pair of them.

What a team.  What a Guy.

Funniest moment on a DUSC social?: Whilst at Bristol University’s Sailing Event earlier this year; the priceless moment Rob Tolcher – the man meant to be in competently in charge of the whole club – informed the rest of the squad he was ‘on a motorway, with road signs everywhere’… little did we know, he was 200m round the corner from Lizard Lounge.

Top on your Durham bucket list?: Winning BUSA Finals with DUSC. We’ve got a young squad at the moment with huge potential; we’re all Freshers or 2nd Years with 4 year degrees – a more experienced Exec and stronger squad mean we should be pushing for BUSA Finalist places and challenging for the top spot.