Player of the week: Ben D’Souza

We fired some questions at Grey Ultimate’s Ben D’Souza, who’s our player of the week; according to others on the team, ‘there’s no better example of a Phoenix Knight.’

frisbee grey Player of the week Ultimate

Name: Ben D’Souza

Age: 20

Hometown: Fleet, Hampshire

Sport: Ultimate Frisbee

College: Grey

Degree: Geophysics

Ben in action

Best memory with Grey ultimate?: This would have to be when Phoenix Knights won Best Sport at our College’s ‘President’s Guest Night’ (a fancy black tie do where individuals and societies are rewarded for their contributions to college). It was completely unprecedented and the whole team went bananas when we heard our name announced. Some of us couldn’t believe it!

Biggest crush in Grey?: John Oliver. What can I say? He’s a tasty piece of beef.

Greatest achievement in frisbee?: A few moments come to mind but top of my list is in first year where I captained the C Team at Festival of Sport.  Early on in the tournament we matched up against John’s A which promised to be a pretty hard game for a lowly C Team.

However, after a few hard fought points we actually managed to get a 2-1 lead! Now, in the end we lost that game BUT fairly quickly a rumour started going around the tournament that Grey C ‘nearly’ beat John’s A. That was a really good feeling.

Big player, big hair

Is college ultimate better than uni ultimate?: This is a controversial question so I better watch what I say… College Ultimate is a great opportunity to train and get better at a fantastic sport whilst having tons and tons of fun. If having fun is fairly low on your list of priorities and you want to focus on getting better at Ultimate, DUF is probably a good place to be.

Funniest moment on a Phoenix Knights social?: This is definitely from a Christmas Social in my first year. We always head to Trevs bar on socials, however when we got there Trevs happened to be in the middle of some kind of informal ball.

Seeing as we were in costume anyway, we figured no one would mind (or notice) if we joined in. We managed to get a round at the bar and get our picture taken with the photographer before being kicked out. Our then social sec still has the picture.

Top on your Durham bucket list?: I haven’t ever been to the pancake café! This needs to be rectified soon.