Selfish student leaves someone to starve

Food parcels for the East Durham Trust FEED project are thought to have been stolen from colleges.


After the East Durham Trust sent out an emergency message for collected food on Tuesday, parcels from Collingwood and Cuths were found to have gone missing.

Fran Maddison runs the college food banks for the trust and when she went to collect Collingwood’s food parcel from the dining room last term she found that it had disappeared. This week the person who collects from Parson’s Field said that their box was missing too.

When college potatoes get too much…steal from a charity!

Staff have been asked and nothing has shown up yet, leading people to believe the parcels have been stolen.

Fran said “we were the Trust’s only other source of donations so there’s a real chance someone might go hungry this week.” She set up food banks at every college, apart from Jo Butler and John’s, at the start of the academic year.

Whoever moved the food also took the surrounding container which Fran had spent a long time decorating in order to make it look presentable.

Fran went on to say that “the food banks were doing really well last term” so it is likely that if someone has stolen them they will also have taken a decent amount of donations as well.

If anyone knows anything about it please could they inform their Senior Tutor.