Team of the week: Butler C Darts

Their naked calendar contribution certainly caused a stir, the reverberations from which are still being felt across Durham. Now, insider, The Owl, lifts the shlid on the infamous Butler C.

butler C Darts durham yard

Anybody who has been on a Monday night out in Durham in the past year and a half will know who they are.

A group of red blazer, chino wearing boozehounds whose remarkable joie de vivre is palpable throughout the whole of the north of England.

…and Tignes

Since the team’s foundation in 2010, drinking rules have always been strictly adhered to, and the class of 2013/14 is no different.  A weekly “pint off” has even been introduced to accelerate the inevitable.

Don’t take my word for it; take the word of numerous Durham students who have been fortunate enough to cross the team’s path.

Red is best

In their first fixture, a Castle B student remarked “You guys are certainly getting the drinks in” – this couldn’t have been a more accurate comment. The following week, an opposition player in awe of what he saw unfolding exclaimed “I have never seen anything like this ever before!”.

Butler C home games generate more money for the bar than the combined total of a year’s worth of formals.

Watch as a member of the team sees off a yard in under 20 seconds

But if they are getting as lagered up as you say they are, surely their sporting prowess is struggling?



Last year this team made history by winning the Premier League in an extraordinary title decider on the last night of the season.

Cheered on by over 100 supporters in Butler Bar, they completed an impossible dream and became immortalised in Durham sporting folklore.

Their twitter page, @ButlerCDarts, is followed by an astonishing 190+ people, all desperate to get their piece of Butler C action.

Firm favorites to secure the Cup this season, it would take a very brave man (or woman) to bet against them re-writing the history books again.