Dog sniffs for more than haggis at Collingwood Formal

Burns Night at Collingwood was interrupted by a sniffer dog yesterday as formal seems most appropriate setting for drugs raid.

A sniffer dog and three policemen entered Collingwood’s Burn’s Night formal yesterday to search for drugs shortly after everyone had finished eating.

After the whisky, the infamous snorting course proved a tradition too far.

A team of 12 police officers and a sniffer dog searched a number of main areas in Collingwood last night including the bar, the dining hall and the Bailey room in a random drugs raid.

A dog was led between the formal tables by 3 police officers but never sat down or stopped by anyone.

JCR President James Proudfoot said “it was unexpected” but did not spoil the mood of the evening as everyone had finished eating. Some students even commented on how thoroughly they enjoyed petting the dog.

“Pass me any wee baggies ye might have, eh?”

However, some were angered by the interruption. One fourth year said it was “disgusting that a dog came in and started to sniff everyone, especially considering what a civilized evening it was.”

Another said it was totally “innaproprate” and “was actually more disgusted that they didn’t come in black tie.”

A reconstruction of the scene.

The situation appears to have been taken in good humour overall though, with one second year glad they “took drugs to all the other formals.”

Despite the spontaneity of the search, the police car left with no students in tow.