Dinner In The Dark

Ever wondered what it would be like to eat in total darkness? Now’s your chance! The Tab catches up with Caspian James, organiser of tonight’s event…

As part of a future leaders competition run by energy firm RWE npower, three students  are hosting dinners around the country for university staff, students and local residents.

The Tab caught up with Caspian James, organiser of tonight’s event in Durham…

So Caspian, what’s the reason behind tonight’s dinner?

We decided that a meal in the dark would underscore how dependent we are on power. We have got so used to having light at the flick of a switch that we cannot conceive of life without it.npower

And how did you get involved in the competition?

My sister, Saskia, heard a talk about it from a previous winner up at St Andrews and invited me and our mutual best friend Simon in.

So who have you invited to the dinner?

I’ve invited press (The Tab, Bubble, Palatinate, Purple Radio) as well as students and lecturers, particularly those involved with the energy industry. There’s still a bunch of spaces though, if you know anyone interested.

Sounds exciting. What food will you be serving?

I can’t tell you what I’ll be serving – that’d ruin the surprise of trying to figure it out for yourself…

Are you concerned about hosting dinner in the dark?

I’m not at all concerned with hosting a dinner in the dark. Our event in St Andrews last week went fantastically well, and we’re hoping to replicate that success in Durham this Friday and Southampton next Wednesday.

Dinner in the dark will be held at 7pm tonight in Chapters restaurant, and ticket’s cost £18. Contact Caspian for more details – it’s not too late to take part!

Dinner in the dark flyer