Freppin’ Fantastic 2013

Once again our college freps have been hard at work to win the title of Best Freshers’ Week Video in Durham…Vote for your favourite frep film now!

Freshers’ Week: The most memorable week of your university life? Maybe not for some! However it went, the week is full of events to remember. And after last year’s success, many of Durham’s frep teams have once again taken to making videos to showcase that the best bits of their college’s freshers week!


Freshers’ Week takes its toll on everyone. For the majority of people, power naps and a few litres of lemsip is all that is needed to push through the week. For others, the toll is greater. Last year an Aidanite dislocated his knee in a dance off to Shakira’s ‘Hips Don’t Lie’!

For countless numbers of Freshers’ Reps around Durham their efforts are seldom rewarded. Their energy and enthusiasm often makes you question their sanity.  Some of the sights you see in the week may lead you to wonder why they competed to be a part of a frep team…

Looking after a fresher who is struggling to keep down too many jäger bombs or consoling a fresher who is missing home does not sound like most people’s cup of tea when they could be partying all night.

So why do freps want to be freps?

Is it because it’s mentally and physically exhausting yet well worth it because it is so rewarding? Is it because it’s a great thing to put on your CV? Is it because it’s a chance to be a part of a large and welcoming team?

Or is it so they can be part of a college frep film?!

Check out this year’s attempts and vote for your favourite to prove to those freps that the hard and gruelling week was well and truly worth it!

Time for a run-down on the contenders:

COLLINGWOOD, as the reigning champions of last year’s competition, had a lot to live up to. Instead of the Collingwood stag searching for Paradise, this year’s video focused on the events of the week, including a paint party, a roller disco and dodgems:


JOHN’S channelled their Hollywood theme into their video, with recreations of famous movie scenes:

VAN MILDERT came up with an original take on Fatboy Slim’s ‘Push The Tempo’:

GREY’s entry this year involves ‘The Grey Team’ coming together from all around the world to answer the calls of The Phoenix:

TREVS’ video shows the week’s highlights including a silent disco and matriculation:

MARY’s video also shows the key events of the week, including a night out in Newcastle, a silent disco and a night on Durham’s very own party boat, The Prince Bishop:


So, which college’s film is the best? Vote for your favourite now!


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